Thank You 2019 Cleveland VegFest Attendees

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Brite Vegan Clothing Company at the 2019 Cleveland VegFest

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth at the 2019 Cleveland VegFest. It was a pleasure chatting with so many of you face-to-face. I appreciate your support, purchases and feedback.

Speaking of feedback, we received so much great feedback and I’m implementing many of your ideas already. Brite Vegan Clothing Company has felt like it’s beyond me from the start. It’s for and by everyone who supports our mission of making vegan apparel that shares the joy in your heart. Cleveland VegFest was a perfect place to co-create with so many of you.

I jotted down all of your shirt ideas and some are in the works. I ordered some of the current styles in larger sizes. I ordered Vegan Stallion muscle tanks. Kids sizes for some of the current designs are ordered to match some of the adult shirts. We’ll have three matching adult and child sets for mommy & me, daddy & me, or any adult and child pair. I have ideas for some of the current designs in other colors and will have some three quarter length sleeve athletic shirts for fall. I appreciate everyone who stopped by with their support and feedback. It definitely validated this business that was just a thought only a short time ago.

Thank you to the Cleveland Vegan Society for supporting my launch at Cleveland’s VegFest. I have been a volunteer at VegFest and on the street team since the first Cleveland VegFest. It’s been amazing seeing this event grow over the years. It was a whole new perspective having a booth and such a wonderful experience launching Brite Vegan Clothing Company in my hometown at what has now become one of the largest VegFests.

Thanks again, and please keep in touch to see what’s next for Brite Vegan Clothing Company.

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