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Many say that they are fueled by anger, but as activists we have to move beyond anger. Think of a time when someone was angry and telling you what to do. You most likely were not feeling very motivated by that person. Also, that example may have led you to think that it would be best to do the opposite of that person in order to be happy. It is draining for the individual, as well as anyone around them, when stuck in an angry vibration. While all emotions have their time and place. It is best to move through some of the lower vibrations to higher vibrations of love and joy to be the most creative and effective in all areas of your life.

But when we experience joy and love we are most creative. We can use that creativity in our activism. From these higher vibrations everything we do is fun and things just flow into place. It feels good and our higher vibration resonates out into our homes and communities. Everyone wants to be happy and when you see someone happy you may also be lifted up or at least feel willing to try whatever they are doing in order to feel happy too.

When we think of the animals suffering everyday it is easy to feel despair and hopelessness. Anger is the way out of despair. Before I was vegan, I felt hopeless regarding the suffering of animals because I did not know how I would survive without eating animals. It was difficult for me to think that I had to make another suffer and die for me to survive. Our culture teaches us these things, but these long held beliefs are just thoughts that have been ingrained. We can change our thoughts and move beyond these long held beliefs. I was able to experiment and gradually cut out all animal products. Once I knew I was not only surviving, but thriving without causing the suffering of animals, my heart was at peace.

But then I still went through stages of anger, thinking how could people keep causing the suffering of animals when we don't need to eat animals or their secretions in order to survive. It was part of the process and I moved through it with yoga and meditation. I knew when I went to that space of nothingness in meditation, that we are all the same deep down and we are connected. I knew that everyone was making the best decisions they could based on their knowledge and understanding at the time. I knew I was once not vegan and I am like everyone else, so who am I to judge. That is what true compassion is. It is when you can see what others are doing and still love them and see the love and light within them. Compassion is loving the person and not their actions. It can be challenging, but the more we experience love towards all and raise our vibration, the more we can create and accomplish as activists.

So while we often want to care for animals and everyone else, we need to care for ourselves first to move to higher vibrations. Start with awareness. Notice how you feel in different situations. Find ways to raise your vibration to joy and love. It can be a gradual process or it can take seconds to change your thoughts and then change your vibration. Gratitude and appreciation is a way to turn your thoughts around. Once you notice you are in a lower vibration, think of anything big or small that you are grateful for. As you think of one thing, you may start thinking of other things you are grateful for and you'll reach a state of appreciation which is a high vibration where you can create and inspire others from. Another way may be turning on a song that makes you happy. A love and kindness or metta meditation where you first send kindness and love to yourself and then to others can raise your vibration as well.

Please feel free to share ways you have raised your vibration below in the comments and share what you were able to accomplish in your uplifted state.

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